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Slag Handling

STS (Slag Transport System)


The Paling Slag Transport System “STS” is a high volume molten slag handling innovation that is revolutionizing slag handling in Electric Arc Furnace – “EAF” steel making operations.

Newer steelmaking technology creates larger volume heats that produce more foamed slag . Older technology "slag only" dedicated handling equipment often lacks the vessel volume & weight capacity required.

The elimination of production delays from molten slag operations in slag pot systems or pit and excavation methods can result in EAF steel production increases by as much as 33%.

Labour and equipment productivity is dramatically increased resulting in reduced operational costs while maximizing safety and environmental controls.

STS transporters can also be utilized for upstream and downstream product handling as in the Paling Continuous Transport System – “CTS” enabling optimal plant wide heavy material handling transport equipment utilization and productivity.

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Paling Slag Transport System (STS)